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The Berkshire Over Door or

Window Canopy

The Berkshire Overdoor/Window Canopy in Slate Grey or Teracotta Tile Effect.

* Can be supplied & fitted with or without the      decorative Gallus brackets.


Available in canopy widths in increments of 100mm ranging from 1100mm to 2000mm


Ilustration opposite shows two canopies one fitted over a standard door opening & one over a non-standard door opening with side glazing. Both canopies are fitted with Mark 2 Gallus Brackets. 


The Gallus brackets are for decorative purposes only. They are not required to support the Canopy.

 Berkshire Canopy Essential Measurement Before ordering!

Before ordering your Berkshire Over Door or Window Canopy check the measurements opposite to ensure there is enough room above and to the sides of the door/ window
**Widths of 1100mm to 2000mm in       increments of 100mm**
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